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Why has my cake cracked?

There are two possible reasons as to why your cake has cracked.

1. Your Oven is too Hot

When the oven’s temperature is too hot, that’s when you get a cake that looks like it’s impersonating an earthquake. This is because the outside layer is exposed to much more heat than the batter within. Therefore, causing surface of the cake to cook quicker than the center, and as the batter takes longer to cook it will eventually expand and break through the already baked crust.

2. The Pan is too Small

When the pan is too small then there is nowhere for the mixture to go other then up, so it domes and the cake cracks. It’s important to check the recipe and make sure that you have the right size pan for the cake.

Cake cracking isn’t the end of the world, but it can be disappointing after putting in the time and effort to try and get a beautiful cake. There’s always room for improvement so that you can get it right next time.


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