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Can risen dough be frozen?

Yes, risen dough can be frozen but some adjustments have to be made to get the best loaf possible.

You will want to put your dough in the freezer either after the first rise, or if the bread has more than two rises then after the shaping. This is because frozen dough will need to rise/proof again before baking it.

There’s also the issue of the yeast.

There is a chance that freezing the dough will kill about 30%-50% of the yeast in the dough. Therefore, it’s recommended that you put in double the usual amount of yeast to make up for the yeast that will die.

You also want to make sure you’re using a strong, high protein flour like our Lighthouse Bread & Pizza Flour.

This is because freezing the bread dough can weaken the gluten structure of your bread. Using a high protein flour will help counter it, as it produces more gluten then mid and low protein flours.


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