Slice of Cake

Lighthouse Breadmix Crusty White Vienna

Mid Protein Premium All Purpose: Ideal for your everyday cooking and baking needs.


Bread Mix: Wheat Flour [Vitamins (Thiamin, Folate)], Iodised Salt, Bread Improver (Contains Wheat and Soy) Yeast
Sachet: Dried Yeast, Emulsifier (491).
Yeast Sachet: Dried Yeast, Emulsifier (491).


Contains: Wheat (Gluten) and Soy
May be present: Milk, Sesame and Egg

Nutritional Information

Serving size per packet:

Serving size approx:

Per 75g


594 kj (56 g serve)


4.8 g (56 g serve)

Fat, Total

1.3 g (56 g serve)


< 1 g (56 g serve)


- Sugars

Dietary Fibre

27.2 g (56 g serve)

1.2 g (56 g serve)

1.4 g (56 g serve)


537 mg

Approx. 14 slices

56 g

Per 100g

1060 kj

8.5 g

2.4 g

< 1 g

48.5 g

2.2 g

2.5 g

537 mg

All values specified are averages. 

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