Our Heritage

Lighthouses were created for a bygone system of marine navigation so that seafarers across the world could safely reach their destination. They marked dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoal and ensured the safe entry into harbours.

Over the centuries, Lighthouses have become historical treasures and beacons that inspire feelings of guidance, safety and security and embody the notion of the human desire for exploration and journey.

The symbol of the Lighthouse was chosen in 1865 by the founders of Anchor Foods as a metaphor for guidance and trust. It also symbolises the quest of the most demanding cooks to be rewarded with the finest results from using pure and trusted ingredients.

Trusted by generations of cooks, the Lighthouse brand has stayed true to its heritage of providing only pure ingredients, baking aids, expert knowledge and delivering guaranteed results.

Our Experts

Suzanne Gibbs (left) & Louise Fulton-Keats (right)

The Fulton Family are Australia’s leading and best-loved cookery experts, with a passion for cooking that has been passed down the generations by Margaret Fulton .

Our Lighthouse videos are presented by Margaret Fulton’s daughter Suzanne Gibbs and granddaughter Louise Fulton-Keats.

Suzanne is one of Australia’s leading food writers and a graduate of the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cookery school. She has published 12 cookbooks and is a past Food Editor of BBC Australian Good Food magazine.

Louise is also a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and has qualifications in childhood nutrition. She recently completed a children’s storybook incorporating Margaret’s recipes, titled “My Grandma’s Kitchen” and is now working on her second children’s food nutrition book. www.mygrandmaskitchen.com.au

Enjoy the videos!

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