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All-purpose Plain Flour vs Bread Flour

Q: What’s the difference between plain flour and bread flour?

A: Basically, it’s all about the protein.

Bread flour has a higher amount of protein than all-purpose flour, which affects two

vital things about the bread making process.

1. Gluten network formation

The higher amount of protein allows the bread dough to produce a stronger gluten

network than standard flour. As gluten is what gives the bread dough it’s elasticity it’s

important if you want your bread be lighter and have a nice chew to it. Without those

gluten strands your bread will be denser and crumblier.

2. Absorption

Bread flour is also able to absorb more liquid. This affects the shape and rise of your

bread, as during the proofing stage it will increase the volume and give your bread a

lighter texture.

You see, it’s not just called Bread flour for nothing. All Purposes Plain Flour will still work and make you a loaf of bread, however if you want better results using bread flour is the best choice.

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